Memory Lane: The First Adored Vintage Studio

My Happy Place When I was anything but

We all begin somewhere... and somewhere once upon a time Adored Vintage was my hobby I ran out of my living room. Then it turned into my side hustle while I worked full time in fashion in downtown Los Angeles. Soon it became my full time gig...

It's important to remember where and why you started. Join me on a trip down memory lane as we visit the first Adored Vintage studio I ever had in downtown LA. On 7th and Los Angeles. So many of my hopes and dreams started as small sparks in this space. At this point in my life I was going through a divorce leaving a mentally (then eventually physically) 7 year abusive relationship. Seeing these images reminds me that even through one of the hardest periods of my life, Adored Vintage always gave me hope and was always a place where I felt happy.


Goodbye to the Blues...

In October 2012 I left my full time job to pursue Adored Vintage full time. I painted the Tiffany Blue walls the palest of grey. I bought a Mac computer, the most expensive thing I ever bought at that point. I got more vintage dress forms to shoot my growing collection of vintage clothes. I didn't have internet in this studio so I would have to photograph everything and drive back to my apartment on the border of Koreatown and Larchmont (which means 4 miles took me at least 40 mins if traffic was ok). I would have to package everything here then take it home to print labels then drop it off at the post office. It was laborious but I loved every bit of it. 


Small Space, Big Dreams

This space was about 300 square feet and I had 2 racks of clothes at first... then 3, then quickly 4. Very, very quickly I was outgrowing this little studio and I knew it would be time to move on soon. It was so difficult to say goodbye to this space. Like I said, it was where I found so much solace during an unhappy and lonely time in my life. But bigger and brighter things were ahead... but that trip down that lane is for another day...


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