Vintage Style Inspiration: Hair Scarves

It gladdens our vintage style loving hearts to see that head scarves and kerchiefs have made a strong comeback in recent mainstream fashion, though we know ourselves well enough that even when the trend fades amongst the masses, we'll still happily don our cotton bandanas and floral silk scarves around our heads as so many women did of yesteryear.

There are so many ways to wear hair scarves to channel that effortlessly feminine vintage look and we are sharing some photos from the past that showcases all the wonderful ways to accent your outfits with the ever versatile scarf or bandana.

Vintage Style Inspiration: Hair Scarf Tied Below the Chin

A timeless and feminine way to wear a vintage inspired scarf of bandana is tied below the chin at the neck or behind your hair line at the neck. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Queen Elizabeth II seem to favor this way of wearing scarves the most.


Vintage Style Inspiration: How to wear a hair scarf

Vintage Style Inspiration: Hair Scarf Tied Behind the Neck

Decidedly more country inspired, wear a hair scarf tied behind the neck recalls nostalgia for days spent out in the garden or on a farm. We recommend cotton bandanas for this look since slippery fabrics will easily slip off your hair.

Vintage Style Inspiration: How to wear a hair scarf

Vintage Style Inspiration: How to wear a hair scarf

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