Bridge in Time Necklace

vintage 1940s japan damascene silver gold butterfly necklace

As you flip through an old family album, you come across a photo of your...
Heritage Gala Necklace

vintage 1930s art deco silver enamel choker necklace

Vintage 1930s art-deco sterling silver choker with champagne glass stones and black enamel detail. Delicate...
Azure Pigments Necklace

vintage 1930s blue & purple glass bead necklace

Vintage 1930s matinee-length prussian blue and plum cut glass beaded necklace with a spring ring...
Grass is Greener Necklace

vintage 1930s emerald green cut glass necklace

You'll catch everyone's eye in this vintage 1930s bright emerald green cut glass bead necklace....
Mint Anise Necklace

vintage 1930s pale green beaded necklace

Vintage 1930s princess-length necklace with brass and mint green glass beads and a brass barrel...
The World is Ours Necklace

vintage 1930s blue marbled bead necklace

Vintage 1930s marbled blue bead necklace with large oval detail in center. Slip clasp closure....
Winter Tribute Necklace

vintage 1930s sky blue stone Art Deco necklace

Vintage 1930s sky blue stone Art Deco necklace sizing - approx 16" chain length details -...
Queen Consort Necklace

vintage 1940s rhinestone festoon choker necklace

When you want to make a bit more of a stament, this vintage 1940s rhinestone...
Magical Thoughts Necklace

delicate pale pink bead crystal drop necklace

Delicately beaded Y necklace accented with gold and pale pink drops. This feminine bohemian necklace...
Golden Sprig Necklace

delicate golden leaves pendant necklace

Always carry a bit of nature with you with this delicate golden leaf pendant necklace....
Little Violets Necklace

vintage 1980s floral pendant necklace

Sweet and charming vintage 1980s necklace with purple violets on a white enamel rectangular pendant.Sizing:Length:...
Here and Thereafter Necklace

Vintage late 1930s necklace with blue stones and brass mesh detail. Longer length. Round spring...
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