Noires Plant Hanger

vintage metal wall plant hanger

Vintage black metal wall plant hanger with delicate shape. Perfect for hanging your dainty little...
Bachelor Buttons Dish

vintage French Limoges soap dish

Vintage French Limoges porcelain soap dish featuring pretty design of bachelor button flowers and lightly scalloped...
Levallois Doily Set

antique lace doily set

Set of two antique doilies for accenting your favorite side table or dresser to add...
Le Plessis Yarns

set of two vintage yarn spools

Pretty antique dusty brown yarn and pale off white yarn. Use for projects, tie paper...
Painters Muse Prints

set of 2 Italian 16th century nude prints

Set of 2 small Italian nude painting prints from 16th century painter Tiziano Vecellio. Frame...
Amber Tresses Sheet Music

antique 1874 sheet music with notes

Antique (1874!) sheet music with notes written on front stating the song was from a...
Little Violets Napkins

vintage embroidered linen napkins

Sweet and perfect to take along for a summer picnic, set of 3 linen napkins...
Marcheville Egg Holder

vintage metal hen egg holder

Vintage metal hen egg holder basket. Perfect for adding that touch of European country kitchen...
Crafted Blooms Set

vintage craft crepe flowers

A charming and delightful set of crepe paper flowers from the 1930s/1940s ready to be...
Picnic on the Lawn Napkins

vintage set of 4 pink brown linen napkins

Set of 4 small dusty rose tan linen cocktail napkins with white embroidery. Wonderful for...
Lightly Rendered Dress

antique 1910s cotton voile wrap bodice dress

Antique 1910s Edwardian cotton voile wrap bodice dress. This feminine and romantic antique 1910s dress...
Lunar Cycles Dress

vintage 1930s navy sheer moons dress

Vintage 1930s navy sheer moons print dress. This vintage 1930s dress is a beautiful deep...
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