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New Arrivals

every week our shop receives a fresh batch of feminine and timeless clothing inspired by vintage and select one-of-a-kind antique and vintage clothes... all of our stock is carefully selected from small independent designers while keeping the Adored Vintage girl in mind and the values she holds dear to her...
Vintage and Vintage Inspired Feminine Dresses / Mustard Boho Print Feminine Midi Dress /Jaspidea Canyon Dress
Athena Earrings
Feminine Vintage Inspired Lace Cami Bralette / Cassis Bralette
Penny Brown Boots
French Girl Style Red Print Midi Dress / Vintage Inspired Feminine Dresses / Moi, Cherise Dress
Vintage Leather Lace Up Boots / Vintage Black Rust Brown Boots / Elliot Boots
Vintage Salvatore Ferregamo Heels / Vintage Brown Suede Strappy Heels / Aurelie Heels
Morning Meusli Sweater
Vintage Inspired Hair Accessories / Vintage Inspired Silk Bow Hair Tie / Lily Silk Bow
Vintage Inspired Hair Accessories / Vintage Inspired Leopard Resin Hair Clip / Lucia Hair Clip
French Style Basket Bag / Vintage Inspired Straw Basket Purse / Penelope Basket Bag
Vintage Inspired Winter Accessories / Vintage Inspired Beige Wool Knit Gloves / Norway Spruce Gloves