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F.A.Q. Adored Vintage


Thank you for sending a message to Adored Vintage! Our customer service is run by more than one person. We receive a lot of messages, and in an attempt to reply to everyone's questions, we would like to first send out FAQs. If none of these respond to your question, we will make sure to reply as soon as possible.
Warm Regards,
The Gals from AV

I saw that the (insert product name/product link) is sold out! Will you be getting anymore in? Or, I found one of your dresses on Pinterest, do you have it in your shop? 
If you did not see it in our shop, we are sold out. If it is vintage, no we will not be restocking. If it is a Modern Vintage Inspired piece, we may get more in stock, but it depends on availability from designers and manufacturers. If you follow along on our Instagram or sign up for our newsletter, that is the best way for you to stay up to date with the new arrivals in our shop. We update our shop weekly. 
I love this vintage (insert product name), but saw it isn't my size. Will you be getting another one in my size?
With vintage we only carry one of each and the likelihood of getting the exact item in a different size does not occur often. 
What are the measurements for your Modern Vintage Inspired pieces? 
We typically  list measurements for only one of the sizes in our Modern Vintage Inspired pieces. To know the other sizes, add or subtract two inches to the bust and waist, then 1/2 for the length. Example: If the small has a 34" bust, the medium would have a 36" bust, and the large a 38" bust.
My measurements are (insert measurements) and I'm a 34C, would (insert product name) fit me? 
We list exact measurements on our pieces. We suggest measuring a piece of yours that you love the fit of and compare it to the measurements we listed. That is the best way to know how it will fit.
I am looking for something very specific for my event, can you help me?
Unfortunately we are no longer able to assist with researching and sourcing garments for specific events due to the volume of emails and enquiries we receive daily. 
I am looking for a dress with (insert specific style) from (insert specific decade), could you help me? 

We're happy to say that if you click into our dress category on our website, to the left we have listed multiple different styles and eras to help narrow down your search.
I want to start my own vintage company. Can you give me some advice?
To be honest, Google is extremely helpful. Also, if you check out our blog, we post Behind The Scenes/Shop Talk stuff there of our personal experience.
I have a lot of vintage I would like to sell, are you interested?
We are always interested! If you're looking to sell us vintage or antique pieces, please send photographs and prices of each item. We suggest taking a look at our archives to get an idea of what we would be interested in purchasing. We only purchase authentic vintage and antique pieces.
Do you ship to (insert country here)?
Most likely, yes. We ship internationally. We suggest creating a cart and attempting to go through with the order to make sure we ship to your country.
What is your return policy?
Please refer to our Returns page in the footer of our website.
Where do you get all your vintage?
We have a time machine. ;)