How to Wear an A-Line Skirt

I recently came across a thread on a Reddit forum where a woman was asking how to make her wardrobe more feminine as she's more of a jeans and tee kind of girl. 

I suggested that if she was used to wearing jeans and a top, try replacing some of her jeans with an a-line midi skirt. A-line skirts are very flattering on a woman's figure as it usually highlights your waist and has a gentle silhouette. Fuller skirts can be too voluminous and pencil skirts can hug in the wrong places and mini skirts, well...some are just too short for comfort.

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Thus, here are 12 Vintage Inspired Outfits featuring a-line midi skirts. 

Skirts don't have to be fussy or too dressy. You can easily pair an a-line skirt with a button up blouse or a simple tee as you would with jeans.

This feminine style inspiration "cheat sheet" highlights some more dressed up skirt outfits and some casual ones.

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Classic A-Line Midi Skirt Vintage Inspired How to wear an a-line skirt 


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