Liv Tyler's Floral Dress in Stealing Beauty

First off, I have a major girl crush on Liv Tyler. A huge part of that is because she played Arwen... but also I follow her on Instagram and she just seems super sweet and her insides match how beautiful she is on the outside. I know you'll never see this Liv Tyler, but I adore you so much. Ok... now that we all know who my lady crush is, let's talk about this floral dress Liv wears in the movie Stealing Beauty. 

I will probably post all of her outfits from this movie because I ADORE this movie. The scenery, the story, the's all so good! I wish I knew whether or not this dress is a vintage 1930s silk chiffon seems like it could be vintage! I just love the sleeves, the soft ruffles... just everything. And her hairstyle worn with this dress. 

Here is another picture.

Image sources: Main image is from Pinterest and second photo is from The Unwatchables

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