How to Wear a Cardigan or Sweater

There are other ways to wear a cardigan or sweater other than throwing an oversized sweater on top of jeans or leggings. We put together nine vintage inspired outfits for ideas of how to wear a more fitted cardigan or sweater with a dress, pants, or skirt.

The trick is layering. We love layering at AV, it looks great and keeps you even warmer. Layer a sweater over a jumper dress and button up underneath. Put a chunky sweater over a dress and wear a belt at the waist to still get a feminine look. Or, wear a knitted cardigan over a button shirt and relaxed updo to still look feminine, yet undone. Wearing a cardigan open or closed over dresses is a great way to get more wear out of your spring and fall wardrobe.

Accent your outfit with a scarf tied as a bow or tights and boots to get a folky and cozy feel!

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