Pre-Fall Vintage Inspired Clothing Preview!

So many pretty new vintage inspired clothes are about to land in the shop tomorrow! I recently came back from a vintage and modern buying trip to Los Angeles and I'm really, really happy with everything I came home with and what's in the wings... 

My aim always for the vintage inspired collection is to curate feminine and romantic clothing that fits into the Adored Vintage aesthetic. Modern romanticism... maybe a nod or two to current trends, but always pretty and feminine clothes with a distinct (but not costume-y) vintage flair. 

A lot of the colors I chose were inspired by late summer stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, plums... but muted and faded because they're at the end of their season.

I also wanted to add in classic basic pieces like a crewneck black fitted top very reminiscent of a top Audrey Hepburn wore while riding a bike. And also an easy to wear v-neck tee that I could see Jane Birkin wearing. 

Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin are two of my favorite vintage style icons, so it's plain to see how much they influenced the pieces I picked for this capsule and probably all the capsules moving forward. 

The Pre-Fall 2017 collection goes LIVE tomorrow, although if you're a newsletter subscriber, you already got the SECRET link to the PRESALE. 

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