Lunation Bracelet

etched bangle with rhinestones

This vintage inspired bangle gives off just a hint of sparkle with five rhinestone accents...
Intertwined Twigs Cuff

delicate golden twigs cuff bracelet

Inspired by nature, this delicate cuff bracelet features golden twigs intertwined with one another. Slightly...
Brass Belt Cuff

vintage 1940s brass belt hinged cuff

Vintage 1940s brass belt hinged cuff bracelet. This vintage 40s cuff resembles a belt and...
Mixed Motifs Bracelet

vintage 1940s enamel paint link bracelet

Vintage 1940s white and green enamel painted metal link bracelet. This vintage 40s bracelet has...
Piazza del Popolo Bracelet

vintage 1950s Italian stone cabochon bracelet

Vintage 1950s Italian stone cabochon bracelet. Vintage 50s bracelet has red, white, and blue cut...
La Fontaine Bangle

vintage 1940s hinged flower bangle

Vintage 1940s brass metal cuff with black ox finish and hinged closure. Vintage 40s cuff...
Pastorales Cuff

vintage 1970s etched floral copper cuff

Vintage 1970s copper cuff bracelet with etched flowers along the sides and hammered oval center...
Sacred Legends Bracelet

vintage 1950s Peruvian ethnic sterling silver bracelet

Amazing statement piece!! Vintage 1950s sterling silver Peruvian ethnic link bracelet with warrior head motifs....
Tales of Old Bracelet

vintage 1940s etched metals link bracelet

Vintage 1940s (maybe 1950s) mixed metals etched link bracelet. This vintage 40s bracelet has ethnic...
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