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Finella Knit Socks
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sku: A2935

: Cozy solid knit ankle socks

vintage / modern: Modern

Cute and cozy solid ribbed knit ankle socks with light speckled finish. Sold individually. material: 90% cotton, 10% spandex measurements: best fits size 6-9 shoe imported

Herb Bath Mitt
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sku: B270

: Herb Bath Mitt

vintage / modern: Meraki

Gently exfoliate your skin while washing your body with the Meraki bath mitt. The bath mitt is made of 100% jute and filled with hand-made soap that lathers when you wash your body. The soap has a mild scent of...

Marseille Carved Soap Cube
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sku: B166

: Marseille Petit Soap Cube

vintage / modern: Pre de Provence

Made in France by soap and lotion company, Pré de Provence, this beautifully carved, unscented cube of soap looks pretty on one's shelf and lathers into rich and moisturizing suds when used. Priced per single soap. Quad-milled Shea Butter Enriched...

Horseshoe Soap - Honey Almond
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sku: B165

: Horseshoe Soap Bar

vintage / modern: Pre de Provence

Made in Provence, France by soap and lotion company Pré de Provence, this soap bar has a delightful shape and rich, naturally sweet scent of honey and baked almonds. Size is aprox 3" by 3". Quad-milled Shea Butter Enriched Soap...

Wilde House Paper Day Journal
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sku: B152

: Wilde House Paper Day Journal

vintage / modern: Wilde House Paper

Wilde House Paper Day Journal An intentional journal to guide you through your ideal morning routine. 5’’ x 8’’ size. Gold foil pressed cover printed on heavy stock in bianco. 75 inner pages of daily entries and lined paper for...

Anti Age Facial Mask
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sku: B271

: Anti Age Facial Mask

vintage / modern: Meraki

Treat yourself to a refreshing facial treatment at home. Meraki’s anti-age facial mask is intense yet mild. It is full of active ingredients and antioxidants that give moisture and strengthen your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Make this facial mask a...

Months Wooden Stamps
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sku: B281

: Months Wooden Stamps

vintage / modern: Modern

Vintage inspired wooden stamps with classic serif typography perfect for journaling, crafting, and organizing. dimensions: stamps approx 1" wide x .5" tall imported

White Konjac Sponge
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sku: B268

: White Konjac Sponge

vintage / modern: Meraki

The konjac sponge is a natural wash sponge made of 100% natural, vegetable silk fibers from the konjac root. By using daily, the skin will regain its natural softness and glow. Special features: soft exfoliation that recreates the skin’s natural...

Everything You'll Ever Need
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sku: B305

: Find Within Yourself

vintage / modern: Thought Catalog

Full of messages we all sometimes need, that often come at just the right time, this book is your reminder that everything you'll ever need, you can find within yourself. This is Charlotte Freeman's first book and was written from...


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