How to Wear Vintage & Vintage Inspired Clothing

I wanted to do a quick blog post on how to wear vintage clothing with modern clothing together so you look feminine, effortless, and timeless! Here at Adored Vintage, I really want women to feel like vintage clothing is something they can easily incorporate into their current wardrobe. 

In this outfit I am wearing the Endeared Promises vintage inspired top. I love that it's reminiscent of pretty vintage blouses I've had in the shop from the 1930s and 1940s, and even a hint of Edwardian too... mostly because of the lace work. 

The skirt in this outfit is a vintage skirt, though it looks easily modern! I think when purchasing vintage clothing to add to your wardrobe look for classic and timeless silhouettes like an a-line for a skirt or a dress. 

If purchasing a vintage inspired piece, look for pieces that capture the essence of vintage clothing through the use of details, color, and cut. 

There are certain styles that will always be forever classics and you need to have in your vintage and vintage modern wardrobe. Like a wrap dress, a shirt dress, a pair of worn in jeans (think Jane Birkin), slim fit trousers (think Audrey Hepburn), and a pretty and classic blouse in a soft neutral color.

Even if those pieces aren't vintage and they are modern pieces, they will evoke that vintage look without bordering on costume. 

Certain vintage pieces can easily go in the costume route. Which has its time and place, but everyday wear of vintage and modern together, you want to make sure you borrow just a single element from a past era and then keep everything else fresh and modern.

I've worn a 1940s rayon floral dress with a pair of sandals and my hair in heidi braids while exploring the coastal town of Astoria here in Oregon. I feel pretty and put together, but not fussy and overdone. (I'm sure I have a pic, somewhere, LOL! If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen this outfit, I rewear it a lot).

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  • Wenda On

    So glad I came across your “Vintage Inspiration!!”
    Would love to receive more ideas and really look lovely and feminine during all four seasons.
    Thanking you

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